Kickabout for the Kids – Important Update

IMPORTANT UPDATE – Unfortunately, due to necessary emergency maintenance being carried out on the Westleigh Park pitch, the Kickabout for the Kids event scheduled for Sunday 4th September has had to be postponed.

It is hoped to re-schedule the event in the near future. Please keep an eye on the Walking Football forum for further updates.




Sunday 4th September is Walking Football Day and, across the UK, exhibition Walking Football matches are being arranged with all proceeds going to the Cash For Kids charity.

Every year, Cash For Kids raises millions of pounds for children and young people who are suffering from abuse or neglect, who are disabled and have special needs or who simply need extra care or guidance. For more details click here.

One such event is being held at the Havant & Waterlooville Football Club, Martin Road, Havant.
Of course, the Many Shades will be there. Other teams include The Havant Taxi Drivers and the Emsworth & Hayling WF team.

The fun starts at 2.00pm and admission to the ground is by donation.

So, please encourage your friends and family to come on down and enjoy some exhibition walking football on what is certain to be a very memorable and worthwhile afternoon.




Mayor of Havant’s Celebration of Age

On Thursday, the Mayor of Havant, Councillor Faith Ponsonby, held an information event at The Plaza inviting senior citizens to come along and find out what activities are available to keep mentally, socially and physically active.

And, of course, the Many Shades were there in force.


Fresh (!) from the Thursday morning training session, John, Dave, Rich (seated) and Clive (behind the camera) were present to discuss all Walking Football related benefits with the attendees.



The Mayor of Havant was very interested to hear more about Walking Football.
Here, she gives Dave some goalkeeping tips.



Many Shades’ sponsors Initial Medical were on hand should any of the attendees be overcome with excitement at meeting their Walking Football heroes.
Above, Rachel Morley from Initial Medical is ready to answer any questions about your event medical team or training requirements.
For more information, click here.



A short video clip of the event provided by Initial Medical can be seen here.
It’s worth waiting until the end to catch a glimpse of the Many Shades’ stand.



Many Shades sponsor Harry Medway

We are very pleased to announce that we are now the proud sponsors of Hawks’ defender Harry Medway.

Harry assisted Shaun Gale in the early days of walking football and, more recently, refereed during the Summer Festival.

Thanks Harry and all the best for this season from the Many Shades.


Harry Medway sporting a Many Shades kit prior to the recent home game v. Folkestone. Clearly, it is available in sizes smaller than XL.


A typical Thursday morning

Firstly, a very warm welcome to any new readers that have found us via the Community page on the new Havant & Waterlooville FC website.

As such, it seemed an opportune moment to attempt to give some idea as to what happens at the weekly Many Shades over-50s walking football sessions  for anyone who may be considering coming along.


The sessions start at 11.00am prompt on Thursday mornings at Southdowns college all-weather pitch.



The sessions are led by Hawks’ first team assistant manager, Shaun Gale (or “The Special One” as he is affectionately known to the Many Shades).



Most importantly, the sessions start with a few light exercises; in particular, making sure those “hammies” are well stretched.



It’s then on to ball work with emphasis on control and passing.



Once everyone is warmed up, the Special One chooses teams of roughly  6-8 players depending on the turnout. Coloured bibs are dished out and off we go for, usually, a round robin series of games.



The key rules are (i): No running (no surprise there), (ii): you are limited to three touches of the ball each time you receive it and (iii) No contact.
Within the Walking Football community, there is currently a willingness to create a standard set of rules but, for the moment, expect slight variations particularly with respect to how high the ball can go and what is allowed when passing back to the keeper.
Otherwise, it’s football as you know it.



Colin was on fire this particular Thursday. Here he is closely watched by Pete.
John the Hat is ever vigilent in goal.



Even those on the injury list still get involved. John (sporting non-regulation shorts) was made referee for the day and was ably assisted by Dave (sporting a non-regulation torso).



CJ unleashes a textbook half volley.


The hour goes very quickly and there’s just time for a quick de-brief from the Special One.



Captions on a postcard please.


And it’s back to the Westleigh for a well earned cuppa (kindly supplied on the house) or something stronger if you prefer (not on the house).



The players take it in turns to bring along a wide range of healthy snack options to have with your chosen beverage.



The Westleigh is well equipped with TVs showing a range of sports. Here, the Many Shades can be seen admiring the tactics and technique of Olympics Beach Volleyball.

So, if the above has whetted your appetite and you would like more information on how to get involved, please contact Shaun Gale : 02392 787822

Summer Festival 2016

all spread out

Sunday August 7th August 2016

What started of as a typically dank, miserable English summer’s morning turned into a blazing hot afternoon. So, testing conditions for the Many Shades as they put out two teams for the 2016 Summer Festival.

Full details of the event can be found on the Many Shades forum here.


The Many Shades of White
Back : Ian Warren, Rich Bishop, John Hicks, Sean Jewell, Colin baker, Mick Carter
Front : Rob Kelly, Rich Bonsey (manager), Jeff Pickering


The Many Shades of Blue
(l-r) Tony Jewell, Stew Russell, Baz Carter, Dave Hall (manager), Agent Bishop, Martyn Bishop, Steve Talman, Steve Hall, Barry Tindall, Pete Dolamore, Derek Pope, Paul Sealey


Thanks as always to the referees who do a magnificent job. We were very pleased to welcome the Hawks’  young star defender Harry Medway who officiated brilliantly, sometimes under testing conditions. Here he is pictured with Rich Bonsey, manager of the Many Shades of White.
Harry is on the left.


A last minute team talk for the Many Shades of Blue from manager and local media celebrity Dave Hall.

Jeff spots Rich's socks have fallen down

And finally, we’re under way. Jeff, as always a stickler for smartness, reminds Richard to pull his socks up.


Paul and Derek were later auditioning for the part of Zaphod Beeblebrox in the Leigh Park Amateur Dramatics’ version of Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and found time to rehearse in between matches.


Barry Tindall surrounded (2)

“I’ve got these four” – Barry working overtime in midfield for the Many Shades of Blue.



And back to the clubhouse. Once again, Portsmouth A ran out worthy winners and, to warm applause from Pete and Rich, Nick was presented with the much coveted trophy.

The Many Shades of White were declared as runners-up behind Portsmouth A but, importantly, ahead of Portsmouth B. Unfortunately, the scorer had based our position using the “being a nice bunch of blokes” quotient rather than the traditional “goal difference”. An easy mistake to make.



As for the Many Shades of Blue – they were presented with the largest “Wooden Spoon” award ever seen. Above sees Pete trying, to no avail,  to lift it above his head.

Thanks again to all who made it possible.

Have a good summer everyone.