The (Fridge) Magnetism of the Many Shades

Forget badgers on trampolines or robins eating mince pies- this Christmas, everyone is talking about the Many Shades fridge magnets.

This year’s must-have kitchen accessories are nearly ready and will soon be available at a football club bar near you.





Many Shades Autumn Festival 2016

A un-seasonally warm Autumn afternoon at Leigh Park Community College was the setting for the Many Shades’ Autumn festival last weekend and we were pleased to welcome teams from Portsmouth (A &B), Bristol City, the Mountbatten Centre and Emsworth & Hayling.

An already injury-hit Many Shades squad was dealt further blows as Stewart and John M were drafted into the team of officials and keeper CJ tore ligaments in his favourite thumb on the eve of the tournament. So, with Clive wearing the gloves, a determined Many Shades squad of Clive, Martyn, Pete, Barrie G, CJ, Jeff, Ian, Steve T and John the Hat took to the field.

Disappointingly, your blog writer forgot to take any photos of the action. Thankfully, CJ’s grand-daughter, Aimee, was there to cheer on the Many Shades and has saved the day with very accurate drawing of the proceedings :


CJ in possession with Clive and Pete (I think) looking on.

Our first opponents were Portsmouth B and a great strike from Steve T gave us a well-earned 1-1 draw. Next up was Bristol City and despite an early goal from John the Hat, The Robins proved a sterner test and two second half goals gave them the victory.

We won’t dwell too much on the next match, a 2-0 defeat against Portsmouth A but concentrate on the stunning 1-0 victory over Mountbatten Centre. Another Steve T screamer was the difference between the two teams in this end-to-end battle.



Goal scorers : Steve Talman and John the Hat



However, there was more drama to come in the final match against the eventual tournament winners, Emsworth & Hayling. Towards the end of the first half, Clive joined the goalkeepers-with-a-thumb-injury list following an acrobatic tip around the post. Jeff donned the, by now quite sweaty, gloves and made his debut in goal. He has since decided not to give up his day job as E&H ran out 3-0 winners.

So, back to the clubhouse for a wonderful buffet – many thanks to Suzette Gray – and the customary presentation of the much coveted trophy.


 In an attempt to make the trophy appear larger, Stewart holds it close to the camera


Thanks again to Aimee.
It looks like someone has scribbled on her Hawks shirt.
Perhaps Grandad could buy her a new one!