Thanks Stew

From very humble beginnings a couple of years ago, the Many Shades phenomena has grown into a excellently run and hugely popular community project. The man behind much of this success is Stewart “The Clipboard” Russell who, ably assisted by his wife Cathy, has been instrumental in creating a friendly, supportive, all-inclusive and, let’s not deny it, internationally renowned walking football club.

So, the rank and file of the Many Shades decided that formal recognition of Stew and Cathy’s efforts was long overdue and a very informal presentation was made in the Westleigh following training on Thursday.

Of course, local celebrity David Hall was on hand to do the honours and praised Stewart for keeping us all in order, for his excellent organisational and communication skills and for standing up to the FA (who need standing up to), when needed.

In his acceptance speech, Stewart said that he guessed this meant he had to continue doing it. Yep. It does, Stew.

IMG_4170 (2)

David Hall making the presentations to Stewart

IMG_4180 (2)

The inscription on the clock reads :
Stewart ‘The Clipboard’ Russell. Thanks for all your hard work and dedication to this great club. The Many Shades of Grey. The older I get, the better I was.

IMG_4163 (2)

Despite appearing unfamiliar with the experience, Cathy gratefully receives a bouquet of freshly-picked flowers from David Hall.
(We should stress that the fact that there is a similar sized bare patch in Langstone roundabout flower bed is mere coincidence.)