Many Shades host 60+ tournament

Two sides from the Many Shades hosted six other over-60s teams at Park Community School on a hot and sunny 7th October Sunday afternoon.  With eight sides playing for the first time in one of our festivals, it was going to be a long afternoon, with matches starting at 12.00 and scheduled to finish at 3.00.  With so many matches (28 altogether), it is impossible to accurately report on them  apart from the bare bones, so here goes.

Our first team to play was the Many Shades of Turquoise, who narrowly beat Pompey ITC 70+ squad by 1-0.  The Pompey side were warming up for the National 70+ Finals in Nottingham two weeks later.  The Many Shades of Yellow then got off to a decent start, drawing 1-1 with eventual joint-winners Mountbatten WFT.

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In the next round of games the Turquoises beat the wonderfully named South Bucks and Chiltern Keen-agers by the odd goal, while the Yellows were going down 0-1 to much-improved Bognor Regis Boulders.

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Then came the crunch game-Turquoises against Yellows.  Obviously no quarter given or taken, and in the end the Turquoises overcame the stubborn Yellows 2-0.

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With games coming thick and fast, the Turquoises then barely had time to gather breath before drawing 1-1 with Emsworth & Hayling, and then the Yellows were unlucky to go down 2-1 to Pompey ITC.

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In the seventh round of matches, the Yellows were again unfortunate to lose 2-1 to Gosport CS, while on the next pitch the Turquoises were being held to a 1-1 draw by Mountbatten.  Then yet again the Yellows lost by a single goal, this time to Emsworth & Hayling, before the Turquoises comfortably beat Bognor 2-0.

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In their final games, the Yellows were undone by another 1-0 scoreline, this time to the Keen-agers, while the Turquoises drew 0-0 with Gosport CS.

In the end, the Yellows were somewhat undeservedly bottom of the league, having lost six out of seven games, all but one by the odd goal.  So near, yet so far. They actually scored more goals than Bognor, who finished fifth on 9 points!  Meanwhile the Turquoises finished joint top with Mountbatten, both sides having 15 points, and scoring 8 and conceding 2, and drawing in their Festival match.  Pompey were 3rd (10pts), Gosport 4th (9), Bognor Boulders 5th (9), Emsworth & Hayling 6th (8), and South Bucks & Chiltern 7th (7).

Squads were: Yellows: Keith McNeil, Pete Dolamore (1 goal), Mick Sidwell, Keith Huet, James McIlwaine (1), Graham Nobbs, Dave Todman, and Bobby De SteCroix (1). Turquoises: Colin Jeffery, Barry Ingram, George Peters, IanWarren (1), Stew Russell, Rich Bishop (4), Martyn Bishop (1), and Keith Gwilym (2).

Huge thanks as ever to our referees, of which we had four this time: Graham Wilson, Dave Lester, Kev Rapley, and Adrian Haley.

Even huger thanks to Jacqui Greethurst, Jenni Warren, and Roma Bishop for providing us with a wonderful buffet afterwards.

All photos provided by Geoff Maunder and are gratefully received.
The full album of Geoff’s photos are available by clicking here or by googling “Geoff Maunder October Walking Football”.