Costa Festival update – not our cup of tea

Defensive Errors prove Costly [see what I did there – Ed]

Thanks again to Stew for the report:

Sometimes it just ain’t meant to happen, and Sunday 28th October was one of those days.  When a squad with an average age of 61 and a bit plays in a 50+ tournament, you know that at least a bit of the wall has been scribbled on even before you get there.  When you give the ball away in and around the penalty area as often as we did that afternoon, the writing gets writ that bit larger.

We opened with a “shouldn’t really have happened” 1-0 defeat against Knightwood Park,  disappointing because we more than matched them, but just couldn’t get the goal we needed.  This was followed by a rather inevitable 3-0 loss to Emsworth White, who were tournament favourites and probably as strong an Emsworth side as they could field.

Next, however, were Emsworth Red, and in spite of them fielding a decent squad against us, goals from Ian Warren (a wonderful bit of anticipation and clinical finishing), Chris Poirrier (his first for the club), and Stew Russell (in off the post) turned a 1-0 deficit into a 3-2 win.
[Bloody hell, Stew. Bearing in mind the competition, surely you should have stressed how we “ground out a result” – Ed]

That wasn’t quite as good as it got, as due to a quirk of the fixture list we sat out the next two rounds of the event.  This proved slightly providential as the rain that had threatened all day chose those two match slots to open up in torrents.  And that was as good as our luck got!

Next we fell to another 1-0 defeat that could have gone better, as we struggled to adjust to the pace of the rain-slicked surface against Pelham Park.  It didn’t get much better as in the next game we also lost, this time to Mountbatten WFT by 2-0.  [Was that a “double shot”? I’ll get my coat – Ed]
Neither of these defeats really felt deserved, but as we have said, if
you make the mistakes we made, you can’t really expect any charity.

We finished with a 0-0 draw against Gosport Neanderthals (formerly Gosport Civil Service), which seemed a fair result in all honesty, and then a 2-1 defeat to Ryde.  We should have beaten Ryde, but we didn’t.  A couple of tired defensive errors led to them first equalising, and then overtaking Pete Brown’s excellent first-half finish.

IMG_8890 (2)

Your Many Shades of Grey squad for the Costa Cup was: Back (l-r) : Frank Anthony, Stew Russell, Chris Poirrier, John Kennett (g), Pete Dolamore; Front  (l-r) : Pete Brown, Jeff Pickering, Barry Ingram & Ian Warren.